nora bucher: business owner


nora is an equine massage therapist and human masseuse with 10 years experience in soft tissue massage, kinesio taping and gentle spine mobilisation. the main focus is on activating and stimulating the self-healing process of soft tissue, organs and nerve function. as professional in the massage field, nora treats human and horse athletes at any level of performance. she works within her scope and has excellent quality service. 


vita :

2018 - mobilisation of spine, medi-akademie gmbh, with daniel griesser, lausanne switzerland

2018 - kinesio taping by dr. kenzo kase, bodyfeet ag, thun switzerland

2018 - healthy hooves by "strasser-method" with heike veit, erlach switzerland

2016-2019 - human massage and synch massage, belp switzerland

2010-2011 interns vet services in switzerland and canada

2010 - remt exam, internationally registered equine massage therapy, london on, canada

2008-2010 - equine massage therapy, d'arcy lane institution, london on, canada

2007-2010 - research project and ground work with race horses, ontario canada

2004-2005 - research project "indian horse training", gawani pony boy, trubschachen switzerland